Hello September!

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The Wolves (Act I And II)

_Someday my pain will mark you_Harness your blame, walk through__With the wild wolves around you_In the morning, I’ll call you_Send it farther on__Solace my game, it stars you_Swing wide your crane and run me through__And the story’s all over_In the morning, I’ll call you_Can’t you find a clue?_When your eyes are all painted Sinatra blue__What might have been lost_Don’t bother me__Ah, Someday my pain.

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It’s been raining for hours and I haven’t said anything about it here but I love it. The air got crispy, the sky is clouded and I’m thankful for the change. September, you are very welcome.

I’m horrible this way too. yes let’s just do that and emerge out of the fire like two khaleesis who will bring free time to the students of the world

Agreed! We will be khaleesis and we will sit on the pencil throne and instead of horrible students we are going to be terrible (as in formidably great) rulers (not the measuring instrument kind, the other kind).

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you’re not horrible!!!! also I hate exams, we should light them on fire :(

I am horrible because I always put off my studying till the very last minute and then stress myself. We should indeed make a big bonfire in which we will obliterate all the exams and then dance a wild dance around it. Yeah.


... follow the black umbrella